Half term…

So let me introduce myself… I’m a single mum to the 2 most incredible children in the world (I’m biased obviously) the eldest is a teenage boy, the youngest is 9… here is an insight to how our half term has gone!


This week I’ve taken 4 days off work… The boys have spent a day with my parents that went ok! Tuesday the eldest spent the day with his friend and their family whilst the youngest and I enjoyed some quality time in our pjs… We don’t do this as much as we should

Wednesday we had a birthday! Lots of presents! Fun and laughter! Oh no! We had an almighty temper tantrum off the teenager when – and I quote

‘why didn’t u get me the only thing I asked for?’

He’d forgotten about the presents opened an hour previous! Afternoon tea was spent locking the downstairs doors and windows and removing the keys! Making sure he wasn’t harming himself after my mother asked him to stop touching the cake! The boys then went to their fathers for the evening queue a very large glass of wine!

Thursday we had a family day out with extended family! We were all very excited to go to the local zoo! We really did have a great day. The weather was not kind to us but the zoo had lots planned for us! The teenager is on his best behaviour he’s showing his auntie how mature he is. Queue my little lamb to turn into the incredible hulk! I swear he had a green tinge to him! He got a time out by the giraffe’s. Once home it was a quick tea. cheese on toast. Football training for them both. Now it’s winter trainings held in the other side of town! I now hate traffic. To stand for another hour in the rain… how do we top this off? Let’s have a fight in the car. ARGH!!! Oh but it gets better… Any parent to a male teenager will know these words FIFA POINTS I said not tonight son… he’s still in his room not talking to me! He’s rang his father to come get him but he’s still here…

I dread to think what Friday will bring us… wish me luck…


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