Fall out from my night out

So I’ve been single 7 years… through choice mainly. When I’ve met someone in the past I’ve always chickened out thoughts always go back to how the boys would take it, they are the most important people in my life.

Around September last year i met Mr Right… I’ve fallen for him. He is like the male version of me but there are a few things

he still lives at home with his parents

. In his 34 years he has never moved out. He doesn’t drive, not a big thing but I couldn’t survive not driving. The boys have met him. Nothing over the top and it’s only been for a few hours at a time. I am cautious, the boys seem to like him.

Last night we went to my local pub, a few friends were in there as well. Maybe I had a few too many wines but the conversation turned to having babies. Baring in mind I was young when I had the teenager at 19 following on a few years later with the 9 year old.

Mr Right wants children!

I found this out last night. There are so many questions going through my head right now.

Do I want more children?
How would my boys take it?
Will he want to move into my house?
Can I afford to go on maternity leave?
Can I afford to pay for nursery or would I have to give up work?
Mr Right is self employed and his wages aren’t reliable. How could we survive?
The boys would have to share a room again eventually… imagine the fights!
What happens if I’m heavily pregnant and the teenager kicks off?

Is it selfish of me to ask these questions? I can’t say anything to Mr Right at the moment… I don’t want to rock the boat just yet! My minds running over time here.

While all these questions were running through my head we left the pub and came home. We had a few more wines and went to bed. When I woke up this morning he had made breakfast, as I smiled at him my heart melted even more.

Mr Right I love you and looks like there will be a baby right if u carry on waking me up with bacon.


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